There is Takijiman in the mountains of Japanese approximately central Mie, Iga basin.
This ground that is famous for Iga Ninja is a production center of the traditional famous sake which was endowed with good water and good rice.
Takijiman is pure sake to be able to boast of to the world that I made in cool and clear of a waterfall and Yamadanisiki made in Iga basin.

The Akame 48waterfalls is located in the Muro Akame Aoyama national park.
This waterfalls is well known for picturesque scenery. They were chosen as one of the hundred most beautiful waterfalls and best for bush walking. It is an area aboundant with precious wildlife. Akame waterfalls are said to be a self-training place of ninjas.


The Akame 48 waterfalls

The taste of TAKIJIMAN

As for the smooth taste to spread with moisture to include in a mouth of Takijiman, there is the exquisite vanity that disappears when it soaks into a body every person mouth.

Charm putting just cup thoroughly. Please enjoy a certain taste !


141Kashihara, Akame-Cho, Nabari-City, Mie-Ken, JAPAN

"Takijiman" is a meaning to be proud of a waterfall.
It was named by the feeling that we were proud of our Akame waterfalls.